Long Time Supporter, Helen Palmer, Passes Away

Long Time Supporter Passes Away

Gloria J. Towle, Board Member

For anyone that has ever brought their pet to the Central Aroostook Humane Society for “Photos with Santa Paws”, you knew Helen Palmer. Helen was always there with her camera taking numerous photos of each beloved pet while her late husband Tony was “Santa” posing each pet on his lap, no matter what the size. Helen was a generous soul, always donating all of the many canisters of film and developing them. She loved her constant companion “Charlie”, a beautiful collie that never left her side…..he even went to church with Helen every Sunday and was always front row center for the popular service at the Episcopal Churches, The Blessing of the Animals. We will miss this special lady and will be always grateful for the support and kindness she and Tony gave over the many years to all the shelter pets and employees of the Central Aroostook Humane Society.

It seems like the past few weeks we have seen everything from wind, hail, downpours, many thunderstorms and even a tornado touched down in the Woodland and Perham area. Even though here in Aroostook County we have experienced a beautiful summer, we have also seen many warnings come through for severe storms.

Please be mindful of the weather alerts that are sent, warning of severe storms in the areas. Thunderstorms can strike fear in the heart of even the most normally laidback dog or cat. And what many pet parents don’t know is that it’s not just the loud clap of thunder that generates a fear response in phobic pets. Lightning, wind, rain, dark skies, changes in barometric pressure, and even odors can trigger a panicked reaction in susceptible dogs and cats.

Create a Safe Place Where Your Pet Can Go to Avoid the Storm; if your companion is a cat, observe where she goes to “hide out” when she feels the need, and if possible, turn the area into a cozy little safe spot for her. For example, if she heads for a corner of your bedroom closet, considering placing a cat bed on one of those plastic storage tubs most of us have. This will turn her closet hideout into a warm, slightly elevated safe spot.

For dogs, your basement may be just the ticket, or alternatively, a room with sound-proofing wallboard and heavy window coverings. Your dog’s safe place should ideally have small covered windows or no windows so he can’t see the storm. In the space you set aside, add a solid-sided crate, and leave the door open. The crate should contain food, water, treats, and toys. When you know a storm is approaching, turn on the lights in the room so lightning flashes will be less obvious.

Stop by the Central Aroostook Humane Society, 26 Cross Street, in Presque Isle. Our hours are from 10:00 to 4:00 Tuesday through Saturday, closing 12 to 12:30 for lunch. You can also check us out at petfinders.com or on Facebook. Please be responsible, spay/neuter your pets!!!

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