Central Aroostook Humane Society | Ways You Can Help The Pets
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Central Aroostook Humane Society

Ways You Can Help The Pets

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Our Adoptable Pets

Lucky’s Belly

Health Flea & Tick
Food Dry Food
Adoption number 22043243
Type Cat

Little Frankie

Health Heatwarm
Food Human Grade Food
Adoption number 22043244
Type Dog


Health Health & Wellness
Food Veterinary Diet
Adoption number 22043245
Type Dog

Caring Of Adoption Pets


Treat Gently


Give A Space


Concentrate On Foods



What People Say

Our Blog

  • My dog is a submissive urinater around men. Despite making a huge effort to stick to our puppy training pads, my dog has accidents regularly when in submissive situations. In the rules of the dog world, a dog shows submission and respect by urinating on the floor in front of their leaders. Essentially, when your dog urinates in front of you (often accompanied by lowered ears and slinking stature or rolling over on their back) they are letting you know that they are aware that you are the boss. Here is how to deal with a dog who submissive urinates to help curb the behavior.

  • There are no second thoughts on the fact that pets bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives. There are a few important days that we will not forget at any cost. The day we met our pets is also one of them. They might be referred to as pets. But the truth is they are an integral part of the family.

    Even though bring home a pet can be advantageous in many ways; there are a lot of things that you should take into account before bringing them home. In this article, we will discuss the things that you need to consider before adopting a pet.


    Everybody wants to give their full commitment to their pets. But the question is whether they have the time or not. Things like taking them for a walk, remembering to have them vaccinated and taking care of them when they are sick are some of the basic things that need to be done. Even if you have the slightest doubt in this matter, it is better not to proceed further. Even after that if you still have the urge to have a pet in the house, you can go for some pets that have low maintenance.

    Your lifestyle

    The lifestyle of the person who is going to have the pet plays a major role. If the person is constantly traveling, then the pets need to be dropped in the pet care center more often. You might be ok with dropping your pet in a pet care center. But your pet won’t be.  There are a few breeds that really do not exhibit much of intimacy and do not expect more attention from the owners. But there are ones that demand a lot of attention. If they are attention seeking then leaving them too often, tend to affect the pet in a very bad way. So make sure that you bring a pet home that would suit your lifestyle.

    Consult a vet

    The health of the pet that you are bringing home is an important aspect that needs to be considered. It is because proper care and treatment should be given if the pet has some medical conditions. The vets who are experts in this area will provide you every information that you need regarding the health condition of the pet. So consulting a vet before bringing a pet home is mandatory.

    Pet-friendly home

    It is not enough if you alone like to have a pet in the hose. It is necessary that your home where your pet is going to stay is also pet-friendly. There might be a lot of things in the house that can affect the pets. Simple things like glass bottles, chemicals on the floor, and small toys can cause a lot of harm to the pets. There are also some possibilities that some plants in the yard might be toxic. It is important to remove everything in the house that can be hazardous to the pets before bringing them home.

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